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If I were the committee … which I’m not … and the season ended today … which it doesn’t (Week 4)

Weekly Disclaimer:

I don’t like looking ahead and projecting fictional NCAA tournament brackets until after the conference championships are decided in March.

Before then, it doesn’t mean anything. With so many games left in the regular season and then the playoffs, projecting anything with a snapshot as if the season ended today doesn’t accurately “predict” anything. It gives us an idea of what things would look like if the season ended today, but for most teams, there are a month’s worth of regular season games remaining along with as many as five playoff games.

With that being said, I understand a lot of people are interested in weekly snapshots of what the tournament “could” look like, and following the changes week-to-week. So, I’ll try my best to include what I believe the NCAA tournament would look like on a weekly basis “if the season were to end today,” which of course, it doesn’t.

But, to save some time, I’m not going to breakdown the entire process. I’m going to list my bracket below, and if anyone has any specific questions on the process I took to get there, feel free to leave something in the comment section and I’ll be happy to explain. For now, enjoy!

*Note: Merrimack receives an auto-bid as HEA leader and outside of top-16 in the PWR.

PROVIDENCE (Brown hosts)
1. Quinnipiac vs. 16. Merrimack
8. Western Michigan vs. 9. St. Cloud State

GRAND RAPIDS (Michigan hosts)
2. Minnesota vs. 13. Boston University
7. Minnesota State vs. 11. Denver

TOLEDO (Bowling Green hosts)
3. Miami vs. 14. UMass Lowell
6. North Dakota vs. 10. Niagara

4. New Hampshire vs. 15. Notre Dame
5. Boston College vs. 12. Yale