The Mack Report

Hockey East Strength of Schedule Standings for Feb. 13, 2013



- With Providence beating UNH on Wednesday, the Merrimack-Boston College game on Friday will see the winner be alone in first place, with no ties. The Warriors still have the toughest remaining schedule of any team in the top-5, with Lowell sitting in sixth and owning the toughest schedule to finish the regular season.

- It’s close, but I’d almost be willing to say that there are five teams battling for four home ice spots. Lowell needs to do some serious work, making up five points, and doing so with remaining opponents packing a .560 winning percentage. By contrast, Lowell is .500 on the season against teams whose winning percentage combines to .463, and the River Hawks are just +1 in scoring differential against those teams.

- The pair of games with Boston College have taken on a new important for the Warriors, but also the single remaining games with both Providence and Boston University could be determining factors in who earns the final home-ice berth.